5 Best Sex Pills For Men

Despite the sex pill industry being completely oversaturated already with tens of thousands of products already available in the market (with that number growing every day!), it seems as if pharmaceutical companies around the world just aren’t passing up this golden opportunity to make money – even if that means doing so in methods that could be deemed completely unethical.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, then you’re probably no stranger to the many amazing claims that sex pill manufacturers are making online:

“With our Product X, you can get super hard and add three inches to your cock in just two weeks, without expensive prescription drugs that have countless dangerous side effects! Order two bottles and get the third one free!”

You probably already know what we’re talking about. It’s a common sight here. Each and every supplement available out there on the internet is supposedly the best, the safest, and the one you should be taking right now to be give your woman mind-blowing orgasms like she’s never been had before.

Doing a quick Google search will bring a host of many different sex supplements available out there that counting them would probably be the most stupid waste of time ever… but for any beginner, this makes selecting a specific one that you and your partner can enjoy together in intimacy an overwhelmingly daunting task, but don’t worry… as long as you aren’t just picking up the very first bottle you see promising you the moon on the internet, and providing you have a keen eye for bullshit, you should be more than fine.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the top dos and don’ts in the supplement industry. We’ve compiled and listed the true marks of the companies who are there to actually help you by offering you the best possible solutions, and the marks of disgrace of companies who are only really interested in making a buck out of you.

The Bad – Be Wary Of: Over Sensationalized BS Marketing Hype (Especially with Penis Size)

Let’s get something straight: we aren’t going to beat up companies for their use of over-sensationalized marketing claims. After all, marketers’ very jobs revolve around trying to get their company out there, into the spotlight. If all the copy on these products’ websites just said “increases blood flow” or “boosts libido”, it would be pretty hard to get people interested enough to actually want to buy.

However, there is a defining line between overhyped/over sensationalized claims and claims that are just plain lies. There’s a difference between manufacturers trying to sell you their product by trying to make it seem better than it is, with claims like:

“Enhanced orgasm intensity and duration. Thicker, firmer, longer-lasting erections. Animal sex drive.”

and manufacturers that will do all kinds of lying just to get every last cent out of you, like:

“Cure yourself of erectile dysfunction! Grow 3 inches in 2 weeks!”

To not get cheated in purchasing sex pills, there are things that you need to understand about these kinds of supplements and the limitations they have.

  1. There are no supplements out there that can permanently increase penis size.Put simply, there really is no magic pill you can take that suddenly gives you a 9-inch dick. Sorry to burst your bubble. There are, however, supplements out there that allow more blood to be drawn into your penis during an erection, making it harder and firmer, while for some, slightly enlarged. This enlargement isn’t permanent though. Think of it as muscle pump you get from hitting the gym – except continually pumping your penis isn’t going to lead to any size improvements.
  2. You should not be taking supplements for medical conditions (e.g. erectile dysfunction, impotency) in lieu of prescription medication.How can you even begin to think about trusting a random pharmaceutical company on the internet over your general physician? If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition, please follow your doctor’s advice. And if you still highly believe that they have invented the wheel in terms of a supplement that can cure a medical condition, get a second opinion from your doctor first.

Undisclosed supplement facts labels

There is never – I repeat, NEVER – any reason for a good pharmaceutical company to not disclose the ingredients used in their supplements. While you might be thinking that this is to avoid competitors copying their formulas, let me break this to you: most formulas are pretty much the same.

The sex enhancement industry has existed for a very long time, and in its years of existence, pretty much every ingredient that can be discovered has been discovered already. This means that for every sex pill you see online, it will just be a certain arrangement from around 50 different ingredients. In this case, what makes a sex pill effective is not the ingredients, but how they are distributed in a formula (the ratio of each ingredient to the other).

Perhaps the only two reasons why any company would not disclose their ingredients online are:

  1. They know that anyone with half a brain will Google their ingredients to read further on supporting studies, and they have used substandard ingredients that might not be capable of producing the results they’ve been shouting about.
  2. They don’t want you to be wasting your time even reading about the ingredients, only further leading you down the ‘buying process’ faster.

This leads us back to the main point – there is no reason why a good pharmaceutical company won’t disclose their supplement facts label on their website, and that should be the very first thing you look up when on a sex pill website.

Phony Doctor Endorsements

This isn’t as much of a recurring sight as it was a few years ago, but we still do see these every now and then today. They are the “doctor trusted” or “doctor recommended” signs that are available in almost every page. These are lies.

Before we ruffle on some feathers, we’ll acknowledge that there are indeed some supplements out there that are backed up by real, reputable doctors. It’s easy to see when a person is actually real. Firstly, how many times do they even appear on the website? If there is just a picture of a doctor somewhere on the homepage, with his thumbs up, and a big grin… and then no mention of him at all in the page copy or on other pages on the site, the supplement you’re looking at probably isn’t actually “doctor recommended”.

Secondly, another way to find out a doctor’s legitimacy is to see how involved this doctor actually is. See if he makes any regular press releases, or takes part in the company’s social media efforts, or maybe even has a video or a quote on the website. If you see a picture and see that the doctor might actually be legitimate, but does not actually actively support the company, chances are that he might have just been cut on a deal, given a few thousand dollars under the table for use of his picture. Make sure to always question this: Is he really a doctor supporting the supplement or just a phony front-man?

Sorry if we’re making the industry seem a lot worse than it actually is, but the fact remains that there truly are companies out there that are just trying to steal money from you in every way they possibly can, employing very deceitful techniques to do so.

But for every bad apple, there are good ones too. The sex pill industry truly isn’t all bad, and there are a few select people who are genuinely out there looking to help others. Sure, they’re still making a buck, however, from their ideals, you’ll know immediately that there is never any compromise on the quality of their products, and that they don’t cut any corners. Through these guys, you can be assured that you’re getting the very best.

The Good – Look for: cGMP Approved Manufacturing with an Official Badge  cGMP

There is only one type of certification that ensures that your sex pill – or any other supplements for that matter – has been manufactured to the strict standards and regulations of the US. This is the GMP certification (GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices). The GMP certification refers specifically to the standard of quality and regulations used in manufacturing a supplement, as well as the sources the ingredients from a supplement is derived from.

It assures that every bottle manufactured is made in a clean, hygienic facility; environmental conditions are controlled and maintained to limit the risks cross-contamination; operators are trained well in the fine details of carrying out GMP processes, and that the ingredients you pay for are the ingredients you get – no sacrifices in quality.

Always look for the cGMP badge, as seen on the right.

Supporting Research for Ingredients

While it isn’t necessary for companies to put up the research of the ingredients used in their supplements (really, we’d already be more than happy with a supplement facts label), supporting research is always welcome.

This means that not only have they done their research on the ingredients they are using, but they are also trying not to insult your intelligence. As mentioned earlier, anyone with half a brain will Google their ingredients to read further on supporting studies, so these companies have already figured that out, and rather than trying to complicate the whole thing even further for their customers, they supply them with all the information they need.

Plus, the lack of sources and information regarding certain ingredients may only mean one thing: there isn’t enough actual data backing up their claims for them to even decide to put it on their website… so they don’t.

Money-Back Guarantees

While this one isn’t completely a must – really, the effects of supplements can be very varied from person to person, so promising a satisfaction guarantee may not be completely a smart idea – we do appreciate companies who take the extra step by shouldering these costs for their clients.

As mentioned, these supplements might not work on everyone, mostly depending on a person’s tolerances, but the fact that these companies recognize that means that the company is mature (probably has a lot of money behind it, meaning that it should be a reputable one), and should be worth your time. After all, if you aren’t satisfied, you can still return it and get your money back.

They’re basically making you a promise that it will work, and if it doesn’t, they’re saying that they’re extremely sorry – and despite it probably being your body that’s incompatible with the supplement, they’re going to say “no worries”, and give you your money back. It’s risk free!

But another unstated advantage from this is that this means the company is completely confident in their product. They know that it has worked for enough people (if they were getting a lot of returns, they would be at a loss by having a money-back guarantee, wouldn’t they?), and are confident that 9 chances out of 10, you’re going to just love it.

You should now be more than ready and fully equipped to purchase your first sex enhancement pill. Keep these points in mind, and you will never go wrong – whichever one it is you decide to buy. Good luck, and enjoy! 😉

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