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4132806-xsmall1If you’re finding that the sex supplements that you’ve been using just aren’t working so well for you (you’re not rising to the occasion), that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely out of luck. Have you ever thought that the problem might be you? Ever entertained the thought that you’ve just been taking your meds or supplements incorrectly?

Yes, there is a wrong way to be approaching the subject, and if you’re beginning to lose hope, don’t. The problem with the pharmaceutical companies today is that they are all just out there to make a buck. They’re taking your money, but aren’t even giving you a proper education on how the supplements they sell work.

So before you throw out all your pills, listen up! Double-check with this list first to see where you might be messing up.

  • Get Your Expectations Aligned. What most guys don’t understand is that these type of supplements don’t just suddenly give you an erection. If you’re not already aroused, you might as well have popped a placebo. The way most natural male enhancement supplements work is, you need to first get aroused, so that your brain sends signals to your penis, which causes a release of chemicals that react to form other chemicals. The supplements you take usually have something to do with those chemicals – which mean you need to be aroused already before it can even start to work.
  • Taking Your Supplements on a Full Stomach. When it comes to these types of supplements, the best thing to do is to always take them with an empty stomach, which typically means 2-3 hours after your last meal. If you just ate and you pop your pill too soon, chances are, only around half of it gets absorbed. And of course, that’s not what you want!
  • Minimum-Maximum Dosages. If you’re only taking the bare minimum that’s written on the supplement facts, don’t be surprised if you aren’t noticing anything! There’s a reason why there is a maximum dosage on the label, and that’s because not everyone’s body is the same, and while some may be fine with just 1-2 a day, your bodily requirements might be 3-4. Just don’t be too quick to judge that it doesn’t work if you’re on the lower end of the recommended serving. There’s a reason why it’s recommended, right? That means it is still fine to take at that dose.

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