Erection Pills: Actions and Mechanisms for Stronger Erections

Erection pills are among the primary natural remedies for erection woes and concerns among men worldwide, aiming to enhance penile size and strength as well as improve overall sexual functioning.  They typically contain natural herbal components, including Korean ginseng, terrestris tribulus, saw palmetto, catuaba bark, zinc, and folate.

Contrary to the complex-sounding names they may have, these herbal extracts are usually simple herbs that help bring the desired sexual effects, such as in areas of penile size, erection, and sexual stamina. To strengthen every pill formula, many manufacturers add mineral and hormone ingredients, including pregnanolone. Other ingredients include film coating and silica.

Understanding Erection Problems

To obtain erection and sexual potency benefits, it is important to understand how male enhancement occurs. The penis is composed of three chambers; when these chambers are “aroused” and blood flow increases, the outflow of the blood decreases and erection is created. More blood pushed into the erectile chambers means a larger, stronger penis.

Erection pills help more blood flow into the erectile chambers and make them stretch. As a result, your penis becomes sustainably bigger in girth and length. However, the benefits comprise other aspects such as more controlled orgasms, enhanced energy and stamina, and improved penile sensitivity.

L-Arginine for Stronger, Longer Erections

One of the widely celebrated ingredients in erection pills is L-arginine, an essential amino acid. It was discovered in 1886 and found in 1932 to be vital in the creation of urea and creatinine, both of which help waste products to be excreted out of your body.

In the early 1980s, a man would go to a doctor for erectile dysfunction, and it would be diagnosed to be age or stress related, or mostly a psychological issue. There would be a decline in stamina, endurance, or performance noticed in or reported by many men over 45 years old.

Research by Nobel Prize winning cardiologist Dr. Lou Ignarro demonstrated that using the supposedly best male enhancement products resulted in decline in heart health in some cases. He then came up with a formulation showing the same benefits without drug use, with L-arginine as the key ingredient.

L-arginine was shown to be produced in adequate amounts by your body and necessary for vital organs to clear toxicity. L-arginine deficiency problems, however, are a real threat potentially leading to excessive hair loss, delayed wound healing, constipation, and greater risk for skin rashes.

In the arena of male enhancement, L-arginine works by relaxing the blood vessels – a process also known as vasodilatation. Blood rushes to the parts of the body that previously lacked in circulation when the blood vessels are dilated. Studies showed that most men saw substantial improvement in early-morning enhancement over two to four weeks.

L-arginine is available as a supplement or part of certain male enlargement pills. Research trials echoed that it is safe to consume no more than 30 grams of L-arginine per day. It is best to take it with your doctor’s advice, especially if you are using multiple medications, have hypertension or high blood pressure, or are a sufferer of a heart condition.

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