Natural Cures for ED: Men’s Guide to Address ED Problems

How to cure ED effectively has been the mission of so many male sufferers today. Erectile dysfunction (ED) help comes in numerous forms – medical, supplement, or mechanical – but provide varying degrees of effectiveness and safety.

What to do when there are erectile dysfunction signs and symptoms? Here are general tips to land upon the best natural cures for ED:

  • Consult your doctor – The first step is to visit your physician or urologist to find out what is causing erectile dysfunction in your case. Expect a deeper look into your medical history, genetic predispositions, any existing prescription drug intake, and other relevant information that could properly diagnose ED.
  • Learn if the ED problem is physical or psychological – A couple of simple tests can be done for your healthcare provider to explain why you are having problems in your erectile strength and quality as well as sexual stamina, libido, and overall energy in lovemaking. If the cause is psychological, for instance, counseling is typically recommended and can be done individually or with your partner (if relationship problems are involved, for example).
  • Make the right lifestyle choices – Prioritize the improvement of your heart function and overall wellness. It starts with your food choices and level of physical activity, as well as your commitment to quitting bad habits such as smoking and excess alcohol intake. If your prescribed medication is the culprit, your doctor may replace your prescription.
  • Explore your male enhancement options – The spotlight is often on Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other prescribed ED drugs, and understandably so as they have pioneered the medical treatment of ED. However, a sizable portion of the male population has started seeing natural alternatives, including herb-based supplementation. Check out our Product Reviews for a comprehensive look at marketing-leading ED supplement products.
  • Follow a healthy combination of male enhancers – There is a rich variety of male enhancers that may add to the positive effects of supplementation – but only if you are a relatively healthy individual and can explore these choices. A penile implant, for instance, may help in more serious ED cases, although it needs a doctor’s approval and surgical implantation. A self-applied adult ring may also offer some form of relief and improvement.

You can also naturally strengthen your erections given simple yet radically effective techniques. Make the necessary dietary changes for harder erections, consuming foods such as eggs, bananas, figs, chilis, onions, and fresh produce.  Stay away from junk and processed foods that offer grease, excess sugar, and salt, sabotaging your erections.

Try penis exercises like Kegels to work your PC muscles. Avoid smoking and excess alcohol intake, which can adversely affect your blood circulation and numb your system. When it comes to your undergarments, avoid tight articles that restrict blood flow to the tissues of your manhood. Go loose and airy in this area!

Assume toe right sex positions, too – oral sex for warming up, and the missionary and doggy style for allowing increased blood flow and therefore stronger erections.

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