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Finding Male Enhancement that Works

The search for male enhancement that works begins with understanding how erections occur. The best quality supplements support the natural erectile mechanisms to help men generate stronger erections that last longer. At Men’s Health Digest, you can compare reviews of the top 3 male enhancement pills that actually work, including PHGH & EnhanceRX & Zytenz.

When reading about the natural mechanisms that create erections, it is helpful to know some common terms and facts about the male sexual organ:

  • Shaft – The longest part of the penis
  • Glans or Head – The part of the penis at the end of the shaft
  • Meatus – The opening in the head of the penis
  • Urethra – The Channel inside the penis where sperm and urine flow
  • Corpora Cavernosa – The two chambers that run the length of the penis and contain cavities with veins, blood vessels, and nerves
  • Erectile Tissue – Two main arteries that are located in the corpora cavernosa

The corpora cavernosa is the area where erections occur and this is the focus of the most effective male enhancement supplements. The best quality male enhancement pills are formulated to create bigger and stronger erections, higher energy levels, improved ejaculatory control, and a better sexual experience for you and your partner. If you are concerned about penis size, there are supplements that work to increase the overall length, girth, and thickness.

One thing that sets the best quality supplements apart from the less effective products is the quality of the ingredients. Rather than synthetic and chemical ingredients that are used in prescription drugs, natural male enhancement pills use simple herbs that have been shown to produce the desired results without potentially harmful side effects.

Some common ingredients in quality supplements include:

  • Terrestris tribulus
  • Horny goat weed
  • Korean ginseng extract
  • Catuaba bar
  • Fenugreek
  • Saw palmetto

In addition to these commonly used herbs, natural supplements often include essential minerals and may include other fillers and components to manufacture the pill form. When assessing a supplement, consider the ingredients and the amount of each ingredient to help determine the effectiveness of the formula.

How Supplements Work

When a man gets an erection, the chambers of the penis become aroused and blood flow to the penis increases, while the flow of blood leaving the penis decreases. This pushes more blood into the chambers to create a hard erection. When there is not sufficient blood flow to the area, erections are weaker or do not last long enough for an enjoyable sexual experience.

The best male enhancement that works is formulated to bring more blood flow into the erectile chambers. This creates an erection that is larger in length and girth. The benefits of the top rated products also include erections that last longer, more intense orgasms, enhanced penile sensitivity, better stamina, and enhanced sexual performance.

For many men, natural supplements are the first thing they try, due to the documented side effects of prescription drugs. We encourage you to browse through our website and read product reviews and information about improving your sex life naturally.

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