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Achieving long, hard, and strong erections when it counts is not entirely difficult to do if you are guided by the right techniques and natural therapies. Before you grab another prescription medication or penis pump, it is important that you try these radically simple yet effective ways to be among men with erections that rock.

  • Avoid anti-erection habits. These include smoking, which has been associated by research with cases of erectile dysfunction. Smokers’ penises, believe it or not, are also found to be frighteningly significant smaller than of non-smokers.
  • Lose your fat gut. Diabetes is considered one of the quickest ways to be afflicted with erectile dysfunction. It can adversely affect your erections two ways: speed up arterial disease and slow your circulation and transmission of stimuli through nerves, including those of your penis. Lose the excess pounds and stay lean for life.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Start walking and getting active!  The more you exercise, the healthier and cleaner the linings of your blood vessels become. A clog or stiffening of your penile arteries can block a healthy erection, so watch out if you have a consistently sedentary lifestyle.
  • Get plenty of restful sleep. Some post-sex cuddling and talk is highly encouraged,  but you need enough shuteye to recharge and achieve greater flexibility in your erectile tissue.
  • Avoid physical injury or trauma. It does not take much to cause rupture in your penile tissues, which will require surgery and probably lead to permanent tissue damage. Penile trauma and injury, too, can be caused by misplaced thrust and similar accidents. So be very careful!
  • Get a vasectomy. Before any violent reaction: the risk of a contraceptive failure has been found to lead to stress and anxiety in men, which can in turn result in erectile problems. Performance anxiety is a real and dangerous threat, so you might think of this procedure as an option.
  • Manage your stress. Whether it is something at home or in the workplace that is causing you feelings of worry, anxiety, guilt, fear, or negative emotions, it is time to create a plan for happiness and proper emotional adjustment. Listen to music, seek another form of therapy, or strengthen your social support.
  • Drink moderately. Alcohol-laden parties are fun and exciting, but your erections may be paying a dear price for an enjoyable night out drinking. Excess alcohol intake can weaken your nervous system and general functioning, so beware getting too chummy with the beer bucket.

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  • Yawn a lot – Both yawning and getting an erection are said to be governed by nitric oxide. A couple of good yawns can then lead to good, sturdy erections that your lustful dreams are made of.

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