Penis Enlargement Question of the Hour: Does Penis Size Matter?

A key concern for probably nearly all men and their partners in bed is penile size. Is it normal to be average or fall below it? Should I feel ashamed if I don’t seem to add up, unlike my lady’s previous boyfriends? Is there hope for penis enlargement the natural, non-drug, non-surgical way?

On this site, we showcase the top penis enlargement pills available on the market today. They rate high in both effectiveness and safety value, and it may take no more than a couple of weeks to see the manifestations of a strong, long, thick, engorged manhood. But before you begin penis pills therapy, it is important to get the lowdown on penile size of men worldwide.

According to Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, also known as the famous and controversial Kinsey Report of the mid-1900s, the average man’s penis is only about six inches long. It may also surprise you to know that your race or ethnicity has nothing to do with the size of your manhood!

This landmark study, published in 1948, is led by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a reputed zoologist at Indiana University. Dr. Kinsey’s research became especially controversial due to the time context, but the doctor continued to publish this landmark research on the “taboo” subject of size, sexuality, and conventional beliefs that revolved around them.

The Findings:

The Kinsey Report studied more than 100,000 men coming from all kinds of backgrounds. It is among the most comprehensive studies of penile size in history.

The report concluded that the average penile size of white males measures 6.2 inches long, 3.7 inches in diameter. The average black African male is 6.3 inches long, 3.8 inches in diameter – note that the difference is merely 0.1 inch.

This statistically insignificant difference showed that the size of your penis isn’t really influenced by your race and similar factors. Thus the stereotype on penis size – the big black man image perpetuated in mainstream culture – should not put a heavy burden on non-black men struggling with self-image issues caused by their size.

Penis Pills Reviews for Size Enlargement Guidance  

Male enhancement can be an effective intervention where there is loss of libido or sex drive, lack of self-confidence, and the presence of a wide range of erectile dysfunction signs and symptoms. On the whole, you may also simply be looking for ways to have a much more special, energized lovemaking.

Male enhancement, actually a euphemism for penis enlargement, involves techniques such as use of herbal, natural male supplements for bigger erections, improved sexual stamina and libido, better orgasm control, and even greater levels of physical energy and performance.

See our careful review of investigation of the market-leading penis enlargement pills and how their rate in terms of ingredient list, safety value, clinical backing, cost, and other crucial considerations prior to purchase.

Before purchase and actual male enhancement regimen, take heed of all necessary reminders, too, including consulting your healthcare provider, noting any existing health issue, and your overall medical history and condition.

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