Andro 400 Reviews

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

Andro 400

Andro 400

Andro 400 claims to be your friendly neighborhood testosterone booster. Low testosterone levels will always be a highly relevant matter when it comes to male sexual enhancement, as they will pose erection and vitality problems. So how does Andro 400 promise to work?

For one, it features tongkat ali or Eurycoma longifolia, a much-celebrated testosterone booster with a two technique approach: expand the creation of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland, and then diminish the sex hormone-tying globulin. Through these two mechanisms, the testosterone can enter where it should and perform its function.

Andro 400 features a 12-week study on 109 men between 30 and 55 years of age, where those who took the herb improved their score in areas such as general erectile capacity, sex drive, and loss of body mass.

Andro is recommended to be taken in two capsules a day, with users having very low testosterone allowed to go as high up as four capsules a day. The full ingredient list of the supplement, however, seems to be missing on the official product website.

While having such impeccable focus on testosterone enhancement, Andro 400 appears to be sorely deficient in other areas that need attention, such as intensity of orgasms, healthy control of ejaculations, and even secondary prostate benefits. While tongkat ali seems greatly overused in the product pitch, Andro 400 makers are virtually mum on other ingredients, on customer reviews, and hard data that will support and validate the benefit claims.

The effects of testosterone are indeed far-reaching, but this primary male hormone is not the end-all of male sexual enhancement. Andro 400 shouldn’t have neglected other crucial areas, such as the synergy that can emerge from using various potent, time-tested herbal extracts and nutrients in optimal doses. What can help its cause right now is the existence of clinical findings and other basic information to help enhancement seekers get the best deal in town for their needs.

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