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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Olympic coach John Abdo credits his sexual potency and vitality to Androzene, a high-potency formula that works to boost libido or sex drive, and helps increase penile blood flow, supercharge energy and performance, and improve sexual stamina. The recommended intake is one to three tablets once daily, about 30 minutes before bedtime or initiating sexual contact.

We cannot get our hands on the complete ingredient list of Androzene, but some herbal extracts and nutrients included in the formula are Guarana, yohimbe, taurine, lichen, epimedium, and saw palmetto. Note that yohimbe has earned a bad rap and even merited an FDA ban due to its documented side effects.

So how does Androzene works? This product uses “clinically tested ingredients” to help enhance the blood flow to the male genital region in response to sexual stimulation. This is poised to lead to a more rigid erection and a bigger size. Androzene also banks on its so-called Androphase delivery system, a time-release patented delivery system that improves absorption and works to ensure the ingredients stay in your system all day long.

Like other common male supplements, Androzene does not require a prescription and thus can be easily accessed or shipped to your doorstep. This makes it extra critical to investigate quality and safety. What we applaud about this product is its coverage of the multiple areas of sexual function, from erectile strength to sexual mood and energy. It also boasts a time-release delivery system that can answer for absorption issues.

Note, however, that Androzene does not publish its full list of ingredients (down to the last filler), which is very important in gauging overall quality. The inclusion of yohimbe is also bothersome, and we do not see any clinical proof or reassurance of safety. Furthermore, daily intake entails up to three tablets, which can be costly and inefficient.

The technology behind Androzene is one to contend with, and perhaps the benefits speak volumes about what it can bring to the table. But unless the inclusion of yohimbe and the recommended daily intake of up to three tablets are addressed, we are wary of trying it out. It’s likely us erring on the side of caution, as there are other better tested, formulated, and promoted sexual enhancement supplements that can be explored.

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