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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Biomanix for Male Enhancement

Men tend to choose natural male enhancement supplements to avoid the high cost and potential side effects associated with prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. Biomanix encourages men to “Be bigger, be harder, last longer, ejaculate more, and have more erections” through the use of the pill. The manufacturer promotes the supplement’s male enhancement benefits and state that the product is “guaranteed to be the most powerful scientific formula.

When purchasing a supplement, the best male enhancement pill is the one that is designed to address your specific issue, such as erectile dysfunction, improving sexual performance, or increasing erection size. Biomanix is formulated to offer benefits for penile growth, amplified erection size, and increased ejaculatory volume. You can learn more about how this supplement works by reading our independent product review and customer review information at Men’s Health Digest.

The active formula in Biomanix is touted as a clinically tested male enhancement supplement that enhances penile tissue and increases size by about 32 percent. In advertising materials, the manufacturer alludes to a possibility of an increase in penis size from six inches to eight inches. The increase includes the overall size, length, girth, and hardness. The product promises to deliver results for size, hardness, more frequent, and longer lasting erections.
Advertising claims are not always a reliable source of information about the effectiveness of a product. Unbiased, independent product reviews can answer the question, does it work? Details about the dosage & side effects & ingredients in a supplement can provide insight about how well a supplement may work.

A Powerful Formula for Stronger Erections

Biomanix contains PDE5 inhibitors, which produce pro-erection benefits similar to Viagra and other prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) is an intercellular messenger that works to expand smooth muscle tissue and blood vessel dilation to produce enhanced blood flow to the penis for strong erections. Certain cGMP specific PDE5 breaks down cGMP and the PDE5 inhibitors in the formula prevent this breakdown, which helps to enhance erection size and hardness.

In addition to the touted PDE5 inhibitors, this formula contains a variety of ingredients that work to inhibit the release of Ca2+, which is a calcium that contributes to reduced penis size and erectile dysfunction. These ingredients include tribulus terrestris, maca root, l-arginine, tongkat ali, and muira puama.

Like most supplements, Biomanix makes many promises for enhancing the size, strength, and quality of male erections. Generally, the supplement works as advertised in boosting the natural mechanism of testosterone production in the body. Because a decline in testosterone is often the cause of small, weak erections, the testosterone boosting action can be effective for improving erection quality.

In addition to male enhancement, this supplement offers benefits for supporting prostate health. The midrange price is higher than some established names, but not among the highest priced supplements. The product performs well in product reviews and user reviews. There are no serious side effects associated with this product.

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