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Last Updated: June 17, 2021

Male Extra

Male Extra

Increase Erection Size & Strength with Male Extra

It is important to take steps to address problems with erections and diminished sex drive. Determining the underlying cause is essential for resolving issues. After you have checked with your doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition, you may decide to try a natural male enhancement supplement, such as Male Extra. You can find information about supplements, independent reviews, and customer reviews at Men’s Health Digest.

Sexual health issues can have a number of causes. Often, the natural decline of testosterone that occurs with age contributes to trouble with erections and sexual performance. Certain health conditions, prescription medications, anxiety, extreme stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to problems with sexual performance and diminished sex drive.

Knowing the factors that contribute to the problem is an important step to finding the right treatment option. Often, doctors prescribe drugs, such as Viagra, for erectile dysfunction. A good quality natural supplement can produce similar results and improvements, but without side effects. Male Extra and other products can be purchased without a prescription and delivered to your door.

Formulated for Stronger Erections

If you have made the decision to give a natural male enhancement supplement a try, you will need to spend time researching your options. When buying any supplement, you want to know, does it work? You can learn more about the effectiveness of various supplements and information about the proper dosage & side effects & ingredients & results in the product reviews at Men’s Health Digest.

Male Extra makes many claims. The supplement is advertised to “supercharge your sex life” and increase confidence. The manufacturer claims that users will enjoy erections that are larger, harder, and last longer. Erections will last longer and orgasms will be more intense. This is accomplished with a formula of natural ingredients that bring more blood flow to the penis to create bigger and harder erections.

The ingredients in this formula include many herbs and plant extracts that are commonly found in quality supplements. The formulation includes l-arginine, pomegranate 40% ellagic acid to increase production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. Other ingredients in the supplement include methyl sulfonyl methane, l-methionine, niacin, cordyceps, and zinc.

The dosage of this supplement is three pills taken once per day. The instructions recommend taking the supplement with food. The only side effect noted by a small number of users was a bit of stomach upset. This can generally be avoided by taking the pills with a meal, either breakfast or dinner. It will take a few weeks of daily use to see results, and it is important to note that the supplement must be taken regularly to get the desired result.

This supplement gets high marks on many review sites and among users, of which the majority report some results with no serious side effects. Male Extra comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

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