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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Nitroxin calls itself a permanent male enhancer – let’s see the merits of this specific claim. What it says it can bring to the table are extreme, intense orgasms through providing increased penile size, harder and stronger erections, better sexual stamina, and earth-shaking orgasms every time.

Some of the primary ingredients of Nitroxin are horny goat weed, licorice root, wild yam extract, red ginseng, and oyster shell. One is left to wonder, however, why the complete ingredient list of the male supplement is not published on its office website.

The official product site says that Nitroxin actively supports the male body’s production of pure testosterone, helping lead to harder erections and a longer staying power in bed. Nitroxin also focuses on flooding your system with nitric oxide, which immediately and directly feeds into your erectile tissue. This is estimated to result in more blood flow into the erectile chambers of the penis, resulting in erections that are longer-lasting and with maximum size potential.

In addition, Nitroxin is seen to stimulate dopamine, which also nourishes the prostate gland and leads to better ejaculatory and recovery power.

The secondary benefits (such as prostate support) and the sample packs and special gift packages emerge as the main advantages of choosing Nitroxin, given that it works similarly with other male enhancement supplements of its kind.

On the downside, this brand lacks clinical findings to verify and strengthen the benefit claims, and there is poor customer service and response rate on the website. Furthermore, we are looking for unique selling points that will make Nitroxin stand out from the rest – but to no avail.

We appreciate Nitroxin for the simplicity and straightforwardness of its sexual enhancement claims: the enhanced production of testosterone, dopamine, and other key mechanisms of male erection. But why should one choose it over better-rated competitors? One way is to step up in its marketing, offering its full ingredient list, comprehensive scientific findings, customer feedback, as well as FAQs that will acquaint it closer to its target market.

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