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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Created and endorsed by renowned male porn star John Lawrence, PHGH is highlighted as the secret to “bigger, harder erections that make women crazy… regardless of your size or even if you can’t get it up.” Lawrence argues that he created his own male enhancement product due to the fact that the others have stopped working for him, and that a great sexual performance is necessary to keep his adult film career buoyed.

Lawrence claims to address the common issues with his competitors, including illegal components, poor powdered versions of certain extracts, and ingredients undergoing invalid extraction processes. On the contrary, PHGH is hailed to use only ingredients that come from their native sources, with five primary components: Tribulus terrestris, arginine, tongkat ali, epimedium, and maca root.

An additional selling point of PHGH is Piperine, an alkaloid compound with no direct link to the male libido but has been found to inhibit drug metabolism and increase other compounds’ availability.

PHGH has a notable focus on improving blood flow for sexual enhancement. It also apparently enjoys a level of credibility among male enhancers through its customer reviews and feedback. On the other hand, John Lawrence’s biggest hurdle is his lack of scientific background, where he may want to reorient his campaign to focus on clinical data.

PHGH makes an excellent pitch when you think about it: a leading adult film star complaining about erectile and sexual function problems, and then solving it through supplementation. But it should go beyond the glitz and glamour of marketing and present hard facts to convince users to purchase and be advocates of the brand.  PHGH currently lags in the clinically backed reputation game, so it has plenty of work to do in this regard.

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