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Last Updated: July 12, 2018



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Stendra, a sexual enhancer created by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, claims that it is the first FDA approved erectile dysfunction medication in almost 10 years. It is consumed 30 minutes prior to sex, with or without food, for the touted erectile enhancement benefits. It is also available in three dosages, namely 50 milligrams, 100 mg, and 200 mg (100 mg is recommended as the starting dose).

This prescription drug for erectile dysfunction shows, in a clinical study of ED patients, the following benefits: three out of four attempted vaginal penetration and succeeded, and 100 and 200 mg assisted in treating ED in diabetic men. However, Stendra does not reveal it full ingredient list and merely dubs it as a “proprietary drug formulation.”

Stendra has a number of positive points, including presenting multiple study findings to help verify what it can do for erectile dysfunction. It is well-focused on erectile dysfunction and the mechanisms to fight it, and its pharmaceutical background reflects rigorous testing and quality standards. We also appreciate the safety reminders provided.

On the other hand, it is a given that Stendra is prescription-based, so you cannot start therapy without your doctor’s approval and continue without his supervision. As it is with drug therapy, there is a notable potential for side effects and unexpected consequences due to the chemical or synthetic nature of it. In the long run, it is costly to choose Stendra for male enhancement therapy.

It is laudable that Stendra is the first to be approved by the FDA for ED in almost 10 years. But we are not one to choose drug therapy as the first option, simply because there could be far more natural and accessible ways to improve erectile or sexual function. The prescription nature and need to closely monitor therapy through doctor’s supervision reflect a greater need to be more careful with using it especially on a longer term. Stendra could be beneficial, but we cannot say it won’t lead to unforeseen circumstances if you are not careful or are the right fit for this drug regimen.

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