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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Product Description:

A delayed-release pill ensuring maximum use of its formula and offering a 10-point benefit rundown – this is how TenGenix is positioned in the male enhancement marketplace, and it’s focused on boosting libido, endurance in sex, penile size, orgasm control, as well as pheromone secretion. It suggests expecting the results of the first dose after 30 minutes, and using the product consistently for two weeks for “significant” size enhancement.

In addition, it pays attention to testosterone increase to give the body what it requires for increased size of manhood and sexual desire.

Promoted Benefits:

As its main claim, TenGenix’s APEX formula is said to have been clinically tested to expand penile tissue in order to increase the size of a fully erect penis by as much as 40%. Its lineup of benefits includes the following points:

  • Permanent male sexual enlargement
  • Enhanced sexual endurance
  • Increased firmness of penis
  • Full orgasm control
  • Reduced sexual and mental fatigue
  • Increased release of pheromones
  • Improved response to sexual stimulus

“One customer of TenGenix said that after he realized the growth of his new massive penis he broke up with his girlfriend who was caught cheating on him multiple times, and he ended up sleeping with her boss, some rich, hot lawyer,” part of the website copy reads.


TenGenix contains what other male sex supplements also purport to contain, including L-arginine as nitric oxide precursor and for blood vessel dilation and therefore increased penile blood flow; tribulus terrestris for testosterone boost; tongkat ali for sustaining and enhancing libido and endurance; maca root for a multitude of male sexual problems; muira puama for fast-acting testosterone boost; horny goat weed for potent vasodilation; damiana for aphrodisiac properties; Xanthoparmelia scabrosa for reserving erectile dysfunction; and Butea superba for androgenic effects to the body.

Final Take:

While information-rich, enjoying a number of endorsements and testimonials, and very sober in its benefit claims, we cannot find anything out-of-the-ordinary with TenGenix. For one, it uses the same ingredient lineup found in similar products (it’s the dosing that could change the game, of course), and it’s stuck in enlargement with minor attention to other sexual needs and deficiencies in men today. And we’re afraid we’re looking not just for a better product pitch but for a better product per se – it fell short of a number of success indicators in the weeks-long product trial we designed for each candidate product.

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