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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Vimax is a sexual enhancement supplement for men that finds a clientele online. Started in 2001 (from which it is claimed to have been bought by more than 1 million men around the world), it is distributed in the marketplace by OA Internet Services Ltd, a Montreal-based affiliate network company in Canada. According to the Vimax Group, it is composed of more than 250 skilled professionals whose highest level of service translates to a good supplement range.

Vimax is claimed to be 100 percent safe, natural, and comprising only the highest-quality herbal components. The product pitch is akin to most others of its kind: better sexual performance and satisfaction as well as improved sexual pleasure, libido, and endurance for bedroom affairs.

Vimax offers a timetable for the projected benefits. From Weeks 1 to 4, users are said to notice a substantial hike in sexual desire as well as stamina, as reflected by a company survey said to include more than 9,000 respondents. From Weeks 5 to 8, Vimax is believed to bring improvements in satisfaction and performance during sex, as reported by 80 percent of participants. From Weeks 9 upwards, users are believed to have reached their full potential, with their partners expected to start feeling the increased satisfaction in bed.

But what ingredients make up Vimax? Here they are: Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder, Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, Saw Palmetto 45% Fatty Acids, Oat Straw Extract 10:1 (Avena Sativa), and Rice Flour. In addition, the product is said to contain no yeast, wheat gluten, corn, milk/dairy, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavorings.

Vimax is not left wanting when popularity is in question. It is created by a relatively well-established company and it has a growing online presence. But it is not free from a number of controversies, too, such as an FDA analysis noting that it contains tadalafil or the active component of a popular erectile dysfunction medication. No supplement should contain any ingredient of this kind, and the agency was quick to advise stopping product use immediately.

Being people who err on the side of caution and prioritize safety and wellness, we would not be quick to advise the use of Vimax, particularly among newbies or those who have just returned to their supplement regiment. We would instead be keen on recommending another contender that hits the right scores in both safety and effectiveness, as well as value for money.

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