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Last Updated: June 17, 2021



Virectin Loaded is promoted on its official website as scientifically engineered, a maximum strength and multi-stage formula, and the handiwork of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The so-called revolutionary formula “takes away the excuses and delivers potent performance,” particularly for those who have strayed on the road to fulfilling sex, temporarily lost their mojo, and have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. Virectin is also touted as a smart choice for those who simply want to boost their sexual pleasure – no Viagra necessary.

Its lineup of benefits is not a far cry from other supplements’, namely more rigid erections, improved endurance in lovemaking, greater sexual desire, better stamina, greater erotic pleasure, and ejaculation enhancements. The benefits are promised to be on their way without the adverse effects often connected to prescription medications for erectile dysfunction and similar conditions.

Here’s the quick ingredient list of Virectin: Niacin, zinc, selenium, Tribulus terrestris, oat herb powder, L-arginine, tongkat ali, velvet bean seed extract, fenugreek, ginkgo biloba, epimedium, saw palmetto, maca root, ashwagandha root, damiana leaf, cnidium herb, and xanthium fruit powder. Its makers recommend three capsules a day, and it is safe to assume that the benefits stop coming in once pill therapy is halted.

While it may not be our easy favorite, Virectin has very important merits to recognize. For starters, it highlights the crucial mechanism making erection a reality, or the one involving optimal blood flow and penile conditions. It does not oversimplify the concept, but instead dig deeper into the synergistic action of herbs and nutrients to improve erectile quality. We also greatly appreciate the website publishing a good roster of information, from safety guidelines and warnings to what not to do during supplementation, such as alcohol intake.

Our major issue perhaps boils down to the 3-a-day recommended dosage, which wastes time, effort, and actual pill since there are so many other competitors out there that have easily devised a one-a-day formulation. Is this difficult to achieve? Not at all, so if Virectin wants to rule the male enhancement game it should pay attention to these details. After all, why would you need to take it 3 times a day if its action is sustained and it’s potent enough to be in just one? We leave the guesswork with you.

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